established in 1852

The Hart Ranch is a sixth generation, family owned property in Northern California. The ranch is comprised of a valley floor home ranch, known as the Little Shasta Ranch, and a high mountain property, known as the Butte Creek Ranch.

With its' abundant upland, wetland, and riparian zones, the Little Shasta ranch hosts a variety of wildlife. The Butte Creek ranch boasts vast alpine meadow habitats, with multiple glades, springs, and mountain streams. These properties are managed by the family to promote sustainable timber, range, riparian, and wildlife growth. Cattle are not merely an income stream, but a significant and impactful tool for these varying stewardship strategies.


The people

Carrying her two diaper clad sons, the family's grand matriarch, Louisa Hart, journeyed by boat from New York to the Isthmus of Panama where she road a mule across to board another ship destined for San Fransisco. Once Louisa reached San Fransisco, she wagon trained up to Little Shasta where she joined her two brothers, the Millers, and began the long history that is the Hart Ranch. Louisa passed away here on her ranch at the age of 87. Alex is the 6th generation Hart.