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The Herd


Upcoming Sales

2020 - TBD

Thank-you to our 2019 buyers! For those interested, we proudly market our cattle through Superior Livestock Auctions , and to inquire about our cattle offerings, please contact our livestock representative, Mr. Dennis Metzger.


Bred Cows

650 Leading Ladies

  • F1 Generation "Black Bally" - 40%

  • F2 Generation - 57%

  • Hereford < 3%

  • Herd BVD-Pi screened NEGATIVE

With the challenges of rising input costs, for both our customers and ourselves, and with our interest in pursuing a sustainable balance between cattle operations and property resource management, our genetic selection criteria is set at a high standard. We look for breeding stock that produces superior carcass qualities and growth, while retaining efficiency and herd health. Heifer selection is a rigorous process with equally strict parameters for both genotypic / phenotypic attributes, performance, and health.

In partnership with the rigorous genotypic standards we set for our herd, we also scrutinize and sift our mother herd heavily for phenotypic traits. Structural soundness has as much importance in our animal selection and breeding program as do the EPD statistics.

Our herd is 3rd Party certified via IMI Global for;

  1. Non-GMO Project Verified

  2. Global Animal Partnership (GAP) Level-4

  3. Certified Angus Beef

  4. Non-Hormone Treated Cattle

  5. USDA Age & Source Verified

  6. USDA Verified Natural

  7. Beef Quality Assurance

  8. Black Angus Verified


30 Leading Gentlemen

The Hart bull battery is 100% comprised of Registered Black Angus bulls. Please click the link provided for an Excel spreadsheet which will provide each current bulls’ name, registration number, and summary EPD’s.